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Are you a big foodie or one of those who are just trying to make your lifestyle fun and healthy too? Then you can enjoy being a fan of Greek and Cypriot products. We have a range of more than 600 plus variations for you to select healthily.

Melos is an extinguished one-stop shop for most Greek and Cypriot food products. At Melo’s, we have a huge range of Greek and Cypriot well-known brands such as Papadopoulos, Cretan, Epiros, Dodoni, Tsakiris, Amita, Attiki, Melisa, Misko, Zanae, Sparta, Attis. Just search Melos (Melo’s) near me, search for Melo’s Liverpool, or order online from our website.

We provide the best quality of Greek products online in the UK at the best price. Visit us and shop today! 

613 products found in Greek & Cypriot Products

Kandys Tahini Strawberry 300g
  • £5.29
Kandys Tahini Salted Brown Caramel 300g
  • £5.29
Kandys Tahini Espresso 300g
  • £5.29
Primo Gusto Basilico 350g
  • £2.29
Primo Gusto Mascarpone Rucola 350g
  • £2.69
Primo Gusto Pesto Alla Genovese 190g
  • £2.69
Primo Gusto Pesto Mediterraneo 190g
  • £2.69
Traditional Wholegrain Wheat Rusks 240g
  • £2.49
Agrino Exotic Arborio Risotto 500g
  • £4.49
Agrino Exotic Basmati Rice 500g
  • £2.49
Mavroudis Cyprus Honey 475g
  • £6.99
Paltsidi Beetroot 500g
  • £3.29
Naxos Kefalotyri Slice 250g
  • £5.99
Tsatsakis Mini Rusk with Carob 500g
  • £3.99
Sparta Sundried Tomatoes Olive Oil 295g
  • £3.99
Jotis Baby Rice Cereal with Milk 300g
  • £4.99
Cretan Bio Balsamic Pomegranate 250ml
  • £4.99
Cretan Nectar Bio Balsamic Cream 250ml
  • £4.99
Cretan Nectar Bio Balsamic Orange 250ml
  • £4.99
Cretan Nectar Bio Balsamic Honey 250ml
  • £4.99
Cretan Nectar Balsamic Cream Lemon 200ml
  • £3.49
Jannis Peanut Bar 70g
  • £0.99
BBQ Charcoal Grill 3x11
  • £109.90
BBQ Charcoal Grill AUTO
  • £149.99