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Are you a big foodie or one of those who are just trying to make your lifestyle fun and healthy too? Then you can enjoy being a fan of Greek and Cypriot products. We have a range of more than 600 plus variations for you to select healthily.

Melos is an extinguished one-stop shop for most Greek and Cypriot food products. At Melo’s, we have a huge range of Greek and Cypriot well-known brands such as Papadopoulos, Cretan, Epiros, Dodoni, Tsakiris, Amita, Attiki, Melisa, Misko, Zanae, Sparta, Attis. Just search Melos (Melo’s) near me, search for Melo’s Liverpool, or order online from our website.

We provide the best quality of Greek products online in the UK at the best price. Visit us and shop today! 

606 products found in Greek & Cypriot Products

Kolios Cream Cheese 200g
  • £1.99
Morphakis Pickled Caper Berries 270g
  • £3.29
Eteron Cinnamon Powder 30g
  • £0.99
Eteron Cinnamon Sticks 20g
  • £0.99
Sparta Virgin Olive Oil Truffle 250ml
  • £4.99
Kolios Light Semi Hard Cheese Slices 200
  • £3.29
Kolios Semi Hard Cheese Slices 200g
  • £3.29
Nikas Dry Salami Lefkada 165g
  • £2.99
Kolios Kelograviera Amfilochias 250g
  • £5.29
Miranda Biscuits No Added Sugar 225g
  • £2.29
Miranda Biscuits 30% Less Sugar 250g
  • £2.29
Kolios Saganaki Cheese 200g
  • £2.99
Kolios Grill Halloumaki Cheese 250g
  • £3.49
Papadopoulos Creme Crackers Multi Seeds 185g
  • £2.29
Papadopoulos Creme Crackers Barley&Oats 185g
  • £2.29
Amita Peach Juice 1L
  • £2.99
St George Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L
  • £15.99
Loumides Greek Coffee 194g
  • £3.69
Gota Frankincense 300g
  • £6.99
Melissa Linguine 500g
  • £1.49
Melissa Golden Fusili 500g
  • £1.79
Melissa Golden Spaghetti 500g
  • £1.79
Melissa Golden Orzo 500g
  • £1.79
Melissa Golden Linguine 500g
  • £1.79