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Order Pure Honey Online in the UK

Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance made by honey bees and some related insects. We at Melo's have imported top-quality honey products and syrups from Italy, Greece, and Cyprus. Check the purity of our honey brands in person at Melo's supermarket, or order it online from our online store. We deliver all over the UK and in Liverpool too. Just search for pure high-quality honey & syrups products, order them online, and we will deliver them within 2-5 working days to your doorstep.

14 products found in Honey & Syrup

Attiki Greek Honey Squeeze 270g
  • £6.99
Attiki Thyme Honey 227g
  • £6.99
Attiki Thyme Honey 455g
  • £12.49
Attiki Wild Flora Honey 227g
  • £8.49
Helen Mykonos Honey Comb Syrup 450g
  • £2.19
Melitos Creamed Honey Cinnamon 250g
  • £3.99
Miele Ambrosoli Honey 250g
  • £3.49
Minos Greek Honey Thyme Tin 250g
  • £5.99
Minos Greek Honey Thyme Tin 400g
  • £7.49
Minos Honey 950g
  • £15.99
Minos Thyme Honey 250g
  • £4.49
Stathakis Cretes Honey 270g
  • £7.49
Stathakis Cretes Thyme Honey 450g
  • £9.99
Stathakis Family Cretan Honey 450g
  • £10.99