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Italian cuisine is generally characterized by its simplicity, with many dishes having only two to four main ingredients. Italian cooks rely mainly on the quality of these ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation. Italian food products vary by region. Many Italian dishes that were once regional have proliferated with variations throughout the country. 

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Artigiana Melanzane Filetto 280g
  • £1.99
Artigiana pomodori Secchi 280g
  • £2.69
Artigiaqna Carciofini Arrostiti 280g
  • £4.49
Crastan Effervescente Limon 150g
  • £1.49
Barilla Ditaloni Lisci 46 500g
  • £1.49
Plasmon Pastina Putine 340g
  • £2.29
Plasmon Pastina Astrini 340g
  • £2.29
Plasmon Pastina Gemmine 340g
  • £2.29
Plasmon crema 4 Cerali 230g
  • £3.99
Plasmon Biscottino 2x374g
  • £8.49
Filippo Berio organic olive oil 500ml
  • £5.99
Sacla Cipolline 300g
  • £1.99
Sacla Cetrioli Acetelli 290g
  • £1.99
Divella Orecchiette 86/b 500g
  • £1.49
Rio Mare Bio Tuna 4x65g
  • £7.49
Lavazza Crems Gusto Forte 2x250g
  • £4.99
Tipico Fregula Tostata 500g
  • £2.49
Fatina Bio Energy Mix 40g
  • £1.00
Fatina Bio Nocciole 30g
  • £1.00
Fatina Bio Sport Mix 40g
  • £1.00
Fatina Bio Anacardi 30g
  • £1.00
Fatina Bio Mandorle 30g
  • £1.00
Maxtris Assorted 150g
  • £3.49
Heinz Mayo Limone Pepe Nero 220ml
  • £2.49