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Jam is made using fruit and sugar, while jelly jam consists mainly of fruit juices and gelling agents. On the other hand, Halawa (Halva) is a sweet tahini Middle Eastern dessert, that can be spread on toast bread or wrap it in Lebanese bread. If you want to start your day fresh, or you like to provide your kids with healthy sweet snacks, then the best way is to make some sandwiches for you and your kids with our highest quality jam and halva. At Melo's we always try to import a huge range of jam and halva products such as carrot jam, quince jam, sour cherry jam, strawberry jam, fig jam, apricot jam, blackberry jam, and many types and Halva flavours such as chocolate halva, pistachio halva, greek halva and much more. Order Jam and Halva online from our online supermarket. We deliver all over the UK and to Liverpool too. Just search for halva and Jam products, order them online, and we will deliver them within 2-5 working days to your doorstep.

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ION Nucrema Hazelnut 200g
  • £1.29
Kandys Orange Marmalade 370G
  • £3.49
Kandys Peach Jam 370G
  • £3.49
Mezap Halva Chocolate Orange 250g
  • £3.25
Mezap Halva Pistachio 250g
  • £3.99
Mezap Halva Vanilla 250g
  • £2.99
Nucrema 400G
  • £2.99