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If you want something in your nourishment, and you want to consume something healthy and tasty, then Middle East food products are what you are demanding.

Melos is your one-stop-shop for Arabic and Middle East food products. At Melo’s, we have a huge range of Arabic and Middle East food products well-known brands such as Puck cheese, Abu Kass rice, Indiagate, Rainbow, Kiri cheese, California Garden, Barbican drink, Semiramis sweets, Al Madina dates, and much much more. Just search Melos (Melo’s) near me, search for Melo’s Liverpool, or order online from our website.

918 products found in Middle Eastern Products

Quickbury Sesame Burger Buns x6
  • £1.69
Aycan Tortilla Wrap 20cmx6
  • £0.99
Cortas Tahini 907g
  • £6.99
Bizbize Finger Biscuits 700g
  • £2.29
Sunquick Mango 700ml
  • £4.25
Sunquick Orange 700ml
  • £4.25
Aynur 36 Chicken Burgers
  • £10.99
Natueren Greek Yogurt 1Kg
  • £2.99
Mazedar Potato Paratha 360g
  • £1.69
Kraft Processed Cheddar Cheese
  • £4.99
Hersheys Cookies Cream 40g
  • £1.19
Maggi Liquid Seasoning 101ml
  • £1.49
Laila Arborio Rice 1kg
  • £2.69
Tak Saffron Ice Cream 200ml
  • £2.49
CK Hot Spicey Chicken Breast Fillet 780g
  • £8.49
Al Doha Bulgur 500g
  • £1.49
Al Doha Hulled Wheat 500g
  • £1.49
Al Doha Dry Mallow100g
  • £1.64
Abu Auf Sunflower Seeds 150g
  • £1.29
Abu Auf Egyptian Seeds 200g
  • £1.99
Abu Auf Maamoul Chocolate 12pcs
  • £2.99
Abu Auf Maamoul Medjool Dates 12pcs
  • £2.99
Abu Auf Maamoul White Chocolate 12pcs
  • £2.99
Abu Auf Maamoul Cinnamon 12pcs
  • £2.99