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Order Pasta Online in the UK

From the heart and soul of Old World cuisine, we have imported our Italian pasta and other Italian food products. Pasta is a simple combination of flour, water, and eggs, noodles are enjoyed all over the world and every culture has its own pasta version. At Melo's, we have chosen a huge variety of highest quality pasta brands such as Barilla, VERMICELLI, and De Cecco. Buy pasta in-store at Melo's supermarket, or order it online from our online shop. We deliver all over the UK and in Liverpool too. Just search for high-quality  pasta products, order them online, and we will deliver them within 2-5 working days to your doorstep.

61 products found in Pasta

Misko Penne 500g
  • £1.59
Misko Stelline 500g
  • £1.89
Misko Vermicelli Nests 500g
  • £1.29
Misko Vermicelli Noodles 500g
  • £1.79
Molisana Cubetto 63 500g
  • £1.49
Molisana Farfalle 66 500g
  • £1.49
Molisana Linguine 6 500g
  • £1.49
Molisana Lumachine 53 500g
  • £1.49
Molisana Penne Rigate 500g
  • £1.49
Molisana Pennoni Rigate 21 500g
  • £1.49
Molisana Scialatielli 109 500g
  • £2.29
Molisana Spaghetti 15 500g
  • £1.49
Molisana Spaghetto Quadrato n1 500g
  • £1.29