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Behind the quality and unique taste… is a long story of careful attention that starts from the most fertile plains of Asian agricultural lands and rice fields. At Melo's we always strive to import the best quality rice in the market, so that it reaches you with the most delicious taste and the finest quality such as Abu Kass rice and many other well-known brands. buy in-store at Melo's supermarket, or order it online from our online shop. We deliver all over the UK and in Liverpool too. Just search for the best quality of abu kass basmati rice online in the UK from our supermarket Melo's at the best price. Visit us and place your order today! and we will deliver them within 2-5 working days to your doorstep.

27 products found in Rice

Abu Kass Rice 5kg
  • £13.49
Al Doha Popcorn 500g
  • £1.49
Al Shalan Rice 5kg
  • £16.99
Aytac Baldo rice 1kg
  • £2.99
Aytac Basmati Rice 1kg
  • £2.99
Aytac Cous Cous 1kg
  • £2.29
Aytac easy cook rice 1kg
  • £1.69
Aytac Jasmine Rice 1kg
  • £2.59
Aytac Long Grain Rice 1kg
  • £2.29
Aytac Pudding Rice 1kg
  • £2.29
Aytac Risotto Rice 1kg
  • £2.79
Chatar Tchicha Medium 1kg
  • £2.49
Duru Osmanick Rice 1kg
  • £3.49
Duru Tosya Rice 1kg
  • £1.99
India Gate Rice 5Kg
  • £20.49
Knorr Risotteria Gamberetti 175g
  • £1.99
Knorr Risotteria Milanese 175g
  • £1.79
Knorr Risotto Pescatora 175g
  • £1.99
Knorr Risotto Porcini 175g
  • £1.99
Laila Arborio Rice 1kg
  • £2.69
Laila Everyday Rice 5Kg
  • £7.99
Laila Jasmine Rice 5kg
  • £9.99
Sofra Egyptian Rice 900g
  • £2.99
Tilda Basmati Rice 2kg
  • £8.49