When we started Melos there was only one goal: to bring you the products that are difficult to find somewhere else in an environment where you´d feel like home.

Our aim is to bring you a smile to the face when you open the fridge at home and see that product that you love, that one thing that just made your night better.

But it´s not only about the product, is it? What's the best food without someone to share it? Melos was born out of a bond between three best friends that wanted to bring the best of many places around the world under the one roof where you could feel like home and you would eventually be called by your name.

We started in 2018 and have realised how much Liverpool needed a Melos and now we want to give it to you forever and ever (not being dramatic).

Hold tight and keep your eyes peeled. Melos has come to stay and make your life just happier!

Our store 

14-18 Williamson Street

Liverpool, L1 1EB

Email us : info@melos-mart.co.uk

Phone us : 0151 2714784