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Olive oil is more than just-food. In the time of the Roman age, olive oil was literally a source of warmth and light. In addition, olive oil is a great seasoning. Offer the secret ingredient of the chef in his signature dish. Discover the delicious olive oils At Melo's online supermarket. Choose from exclusively world-class olive oils such as AL MAEDA, AL MAEDA, ATTIS, and DE CECCO. We are the exclusive importer of almost most of Extra Virgin olive oils on this website. at Melo's online store and supermarket, you will be sure to get top-quality olive, safe olive, salad, sunflower, cord oils Buy pasta in-store at Melo's supermarket, or order it online from our online shop. We deliver all over the UK and in Liverpool too. Just search for  oil or olive oil  products, order them online, and we will deliver them within 2-5 working days to your doorstep.

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Attis Olive Oil 1L
  • £7.49
Kalamata Extra V Olive Oil 3l
  • £27.99
MedOlio Olive Oil 4Lt
  • £32.00
Minvera Classic Olive Oil 500ml
  • £5.49
Sparta Gold Olive Oil 3L
  • £25.99
Sparta Olive Oil 1L
  • £9.49
Terra Creta EVOO Olive Oil 1L
  • £9.99
Theoni Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1l
  • £6.49
Theoni Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5l
  • £25.99
Vios Organic Olive Oil 500ml
  • £8.99